> Other wise, Clear throttle auto-calibration and try again. Note 3: Uncalibrated throttle May occur when a SPM or SPB controller is auto-calibrated to one electric car throttle, then moved to another electric car - or a new throttle is replaced. > Clear throttle auto calibration and try again. Tech-Talk: LED Alarms. I have an x55 rhino hotas, before the updates windows installed today, it worked perfectly fine, no problems at all, but after the update, my flight stick stopped working properly, it comes up in the test/calibration screens blank with the calibration button greyed out. The throttle and rudder pedals, which are on separate USB ports, both still. Curtis Controller 350A Series for EZGO TXT/Medalist (1994+) $486.95 Add to Cart Controller Package AC Drive, Navitas 440A, EZGO RXV w/Danaher Controller $970.95 Add to Cart Controller Package, Navitas 600A, EZGO RXV w/ Danaher Controller $992.95 Add to Cart Navitas AC Drive Conversion Kit,. Controller Features: Works with Club Car 3-Spade. How to Calibrate ESC using Betaflight Configurator. Make sure LiPo battery is disconnected from the quad. Now connect your flight controller to Betaflight Configurator. Go to the "motor" tab in the Configurator, and enable the check box "I understand" at the bottom. Move the master slider all the way to the top, that will send the.

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